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Best E Cigarette UK - So Which E Cig UK to get?


Getting a reliable best  quality e cigarette helped me gain back my health for which I am truly thankful and this is the reason I am writing this E Cigarette Guide to getting the best e cigarette in the UK. Many people may try a UK e cigarette brand that is inferior and just return to smoking because it didn't help them. Many e cigs are poorly manufactured, low vapour production, leaking cartridges and poor batteries. By using the correct information contained on the web you can ensure you buy the best ecigarettes available in the UK - these truly are amazing devices and have helped me on my path to quit smoking. Many e cigarette review sites are driven by affiliate fees and perhaps bias their e cig reviews in favour of the brands that pay the highest fees. The best review site does not. 

They analyse the best e cigarette review sites then compare the results from all these sites on one page - this reduces any bias and gets you a top quality e cigarette - thus helping in the choice of e cig you make. Each review site may have their own top ten e cigs, with six sites analysed this means up to 60 different e cigarettes are looked at. 

Which e cig you choose will make a profound difference on your success. It is also important to ensure the e liquid you use is as safe as possible. See here.  Most e liquids have scant information regarding the ingredients - there is little or no regulation so there is no need for them to report all ingredients and this is an issue. There is a lot of medical papers out there that study e liquid impurities and demonstrate the dangers.


"The toxicity of e-cigarettes and e-liquid can vary greatly, as there is potential differences in construction and materials in the delivery device, kind and origin of ingredients in the e-liquid, and the use or non-use of good manufacturing practices and quality control approaches. 

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public health



Over a year ago my brother who had visited China gave me an ecigarette. I had been smoking for over 20 years and he had always nagged me to quit smoking. I had tried NRT – gums, patches – everything even hypnosis. Main problem was I always found that I needed to do something with my hands when I wasn’t smoking. This invariably led me back to the wicked cigarette. 




The first ecigarette was cheap and nasty but it did give a few puffs of vapour before expiring – this vapour amazed me (I also got a dribble or two of liquid nicotine in my mouth which was not pleasant). I realized then that this devices invention was a significant step in helping me quit. I also recognized that this particular Chinese E-cigarette wasn’t going to do it for me – but if there was a similar device that was well made there was a fantastic opportunity for me to kick the habit.  So I set out to find out which e cig company  would offer me a quality vaping experience akin to smoking. The best e-cig?




I did a little digging on the web and ordered my first starter pack from a well-known UK ecigarette brand – they had a huge 50% saving so excitedly I ordered my kit. Cutting a long story short – this kit wasn’t much better than the Chinese e cig I first tried – little vapour, nicotine leaks though the batteries lasted a little longer. I then ordered the other well-known UK ecigarette brand – and it was almost identical to the first kit but with different branding! I then realized that most ecigarettes in the UK were imports from China that had been re-branded and their quality was very similar and pretty poor 




Well that was it, after a lot more research on the web seeking out e-cig reviews in the UK to find quality products, and then looking outside of the UK I eventually ordered a “proper kit”. Now the difference in quality between this USA kit and the UK e cig kits was truly remarkable - Like the difference between a cheap toy football and a proper real football. (Though the prices were similar for both the cheap e cig and the quality e cig and both offered huge cost savings of over 50% compared to smoking).  




To get the best e cigarette in the UK,  what is important is to look at many different review sites and gain knowledge of many different perspectives so that you understand which e cig companies import and which e cig companies manufacture or design their products. I purchased my e cigarette kit from the USA – V2Cigs - which I can now order from the UK. But you need to look for yourself and find a brand that suits you. There are many review sites now, my favoured one is www.ecigreviewsite.co.uk because they appear to be the only site that actually REVIEWS the REVIEW sites and compares the market, then pools all the information together on their site with regular updates. This also removes to an extent any bias and guides you to which e cig suits you best. They also have a full e-cig comparison table for easy reference. You need to ensure your e liquid is pure - lab tested, get it from a reputable company see here.




In less than 12 month I have reduced my smoking from over 20 cigarettes per day to less than 5 and my goal is to be a non-smoker by the end of 2013. I wish everyone well in finding a solution and hope that the information I have shared will be helpful to some.



Puff the right stuff!

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